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With over three decades of experience in the photographic industry, I have learned that simplicity and attention to detail are paramount. From capturing the perfect composition with my trusted Nikon Z7 to meticulously processing raw images and selecting the right paper for printing, every step of the process contributes to creating exceptional images for my clients.

I take pride in being down-to-earth, approachable, and enjoyable to work with. Especially in these challenging times, I strive to provide affordable services while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

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Based in Derby, I offer a range of photography services in the Midlands and beyond. Whether it's capturing precious moments with pets, documenting weddings, or conducting corporate shoots, I have the expertise to handle it all. With extensive training in Adobe Photoshop, I am confident in my ability to bring your unique vision to life.
On location for the Just For Dogs 2023 Calendar shoot.

Being ignored by the discerningย  Billy at the Halloween and Christmas shoot

Getting down and dirty with Milo on a location shoot

My journey in photography began when I studied Design Photography at Granville College back in 1986. It was during this time that I truly discovered the vast and limitless possibilities of this art form. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in various fields within the industry.I have worked in film processing on a large scale, ensuring the highest quality in every frame. Additionally, I have been involved in commercial printing, meticulously hand-printing both colour and black and white images. I have also mastered the skill of retouching photographic prints, using inks directly on the paper's surface, resulting in flawless and captivating final products.Moreover, my expertise extends to commercial and industrial photography. From capturing the intricate details of cookware products to showcasing the sheer size of industrial machinery, I have utilized medium format cameras like Bronica and Mamiya, as well as large format 5ร—4 and 10ร—8 inch plate cameras. As a freelance photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing action shots at premier games for Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United. These images were then transmitted to tabloids, with the hope of securing a coveted cover spot.Through these diverse experiences, I have honed my skills and developed a keen eye for capturing the essence of any subject or moment.


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